Whatever you think, think something else, whatever you do, do something else.

4th edition of
 POPPOSITIONS April 24—27, 2015
Kanal Wharf, Brussels

Whatever you think, think something else, whatever you do, do something else.

Robert Filliou



To keep positioning itself vis-à-vis the prevailing art market, this year’s quote Whatever you think, think something else, whatever you do, do something else by Robert Filliou sets the tone.

The open call was shaped as a manifesto and invited galleries and other hybrid art spaces to make original proposals.

Curators Walt van Beek and Benjamin Moncarey created a harmonized exhibition in the difficult space of Kanal Wharf with selected works.



The 4th edition of POPPOSITIONS took place in former Belgian post offices, situated along the canal that runs through Brussels. Due to a restructuring of the company, 10,000 square meters of abandoned office spaces offer a great opportunity for a temporary occupation. The building consists of huge, open office spaces and smaller partitioned spaces. Each organisation will have to take this site specificity into account while installing, in concert with its neighbouring exhibitors.


As a special feature of this year’s edition, a group of major Brussels-based collectors, who have been supporting POPPOSITIONS since its inception (Collection Galila, Collection Benedikt van der Vorst, Collection Frédéric de Goldschmidt, Collection Cédric and Cookie Liénart van Lidth de Jeude, Collection Famille Servais), have entrusted young partner curators with the selection and display on 600 square meters of pieces from their collection acquired for less than 8,000 euros over the last 10 years. It fully fits into the aim of POPPOSITIONS by demonstrating that cultural value can also be found where the monetary value is reasonable. Curators, Les Commissaires Anonymes and Nicolas de Ribou , bring together a selection of contrasting works combining established and emerging artists under the title “Do you have ‘barbaric taste’?”, an in-depth reflection on the role of collectors defining cultural judgments and forming artistic hierarchies.


POPPOSITIONS had dedicated this year an office space to mico-publishing. In order to value this important form of art distribution, POPPOSITIONS  gathered some independant structures based in France and Belgium. Publishing is becoming increasingly important for the artistic process and artist’s careers. POPPOSITIONS seeks to desacralise contemporary art acquisition and recognise this element as  part of the art market and to enhance this practice as a singular form.

ED et cie distributed by Galerie Suzanne (BE), Editions Proche (FR), HALO PUBLICATION (BE), La Houle (FR), Petrole Editions (FR), Riot (BE).


• The future of the ‘Artist’:
challenges of transdisciplinarity and the expanding field of art
Participants: Matteo Lucchetti (freelance curator, curator Visible), Tobias Sternberg (artist), Daniel Blanga-Gubbay (researcher, founder Aleppo). Moderator: Denis Maksimov (theorist, curator and artist)

• The future of art and culture: thinking about alternatives
Participants: Sophie Lapalu (art critic, curator and researcher), Laetitia Jeurissen (artist), Gabriel Gonzalez-Acosta (artist), Holly Crawford (director AC Institute),Teena Lange (curator). Moderator: Nicolas Galeazzi (program coordinator a.pass Brussels)

• The future of collections/collecting: shifts of private collecting into the public domain
Participants: Simon Delobel (gallerist Trampoline gallery), Thomas Bakker (Club Solo). Moderator: Rianne Groen (Gallerist)



ABEL NICOSDRIOU PROJECT (BE): None Futbol Club • AC INSTITUTE (US): Jonhaton Keats • ANOTHER SPACE (DK/NO): Luca Vanello • A|B|C ONTEMPORARY (CH): Karl Karner • ATELIERHOF KREUZBERG (DE): Nina Lassila, Robert Quint • AZTLAN (MX): Gabriel Gonzales Acosta, Laetitia Jeurissen • BURNRATE (DE): Scott Redford, Glenn Geffken • CLUB SOLO (NL): Jasper Van Aarle, Liang Yue • CAUSTIC COASTAL (UK): Leslie Kulesh • DASH (BE): Joachim Coucke, Federico Acal • EIGHTFOLD (NL): Steye Felix, Astrid Mingels • FORESEEN (BE) · FORMATO COMODO (ES): Hisae Ikenaga, Miquel Mont, Guillermo Mora • FRANCIS (INT) • GALERIE (INT) • GALERIE RIANNE GROEN (NL): Tim Hollander • GENERAL STORE (AU): Tully Arnot • GRÜNTALER9 (DE): Dolanbay • IN BETWEEN (BE): Paulo Alves, Juan Pablo Plazas, Charlotte Bouckaert • KRUPIC KERSTING || KUK (DE): Tobias Steinberg • L’ETAGE D’EEUPHROSINE (BE): Magda Amorioarei, Elise Berkvens • LA MIRAGE (CA): David Tomas • MILLINGTON MARRIOTT (UK): Daniel Powell, Paul Schneider • NO PLACE (NO): Anja Carr • NOWAK AND MAYHEW (DE/NL): Alenxandre Lavet, Macarena Ruiz-Tagle • OKNO (BE): AnneMarie Maes • GALERIE OMS PRADHAN (BE): Ode de Kort, Johan Gelper • ONE WORK GALLERY (AT): Albert Algaier • O O O (BE): Bernardo Robles Hidalgo • OVERTOON (BE): Gert Aertsen, Christoph De Boeck • P/////AKT (NL): Michiel Hilbrink • RIOT (BE): Hana Miletic • RUIMTE MORGUEN (BE): Marnik Neven • SALON ACME (MX): Alberto Lopez, Laura Meza Orozco, Marco Esparza, Morelos Leon, Pamela Zeferino • SOME RECENT EXAMPLES (UK) • STRAAT GALLERY (FR) : Ken Sortais • THE KIV GALLERY (CZ): Miroslava Vecerova, Tomas Absolon • TRAMPOLINE (BE): Stephan Deedhene


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