Gallery • Mauricio Limon (MX)

Heinrich-Könn Str 79, 40625, Düsseldorf (DE)

Mauricio Limon, ‘Hilario Galguera’ © Sergio Lopez (aka el Diablo)

wildpalms founded in Berlin (2014) as an platform for producing exhibitions. wildpalms – derived from the book The Wild Palms (1939 by William Faulkner) – an alternative model for promoting cultural production within and beyond the contemporary art system. As an open experiment at the intersection of private studio practice and public presentation, wildpalms strives to create unconventional and fluid forums for the public reception and consumption of visual art. Art and culture are key elements of a healthy society and joyful life; therefore, the mission of wildpalms is primarily of a social nature.

It was designed to answer to the conditions within the art world, its expansion and complexity.

We work closely with the artist through intensive studio presence, revisiting exhibition models and creating new formats. It implies a strong curatorial work for producing the exhibitions, combined with the commercial strategies and artist liaisons deployed within the galleries system.

This 2 way strategy is based on the following credos:

1. putting the artist back in the centre of the cultural work and helping to create sustainability.
2. the fundamental right of thinking the new, by looking for new forms of participation within the art system besides the established.
3. pollination between the local and global level, through communication, exchange and collaboration.
4. art and culture as key forms for societies of the future.
5. joyfulness.


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