Pierre Poumet

Gallery • Alice Hauret-Labarthe (FR)

130 rue Notre-Dame, 33300 Bordeaux, (FR)

Halomens Titanicae (TITANIX) – Alice Hauret-Labarthe & Thiên Ngoc Ngô-Rioufol, Paris, 2018. © Romain Guillet

Pierre Poumet is a contemporary art dealer, running a space in Bordeaux for 3 years. The exhibitions are mainly solo shows or duos, and take place in the space as well as outside the walls: Pons, in Charente (France), London or Rome. Pierre Poumet works with artists from the local scene, such as Simon Rayssac, Alice Hauret-Labarthe, ​and Ludovic Beillard, and international, like David Auborn, Lito Kattou, Felix Treadwell or Josh Berry from London, Paul Branca (New York), Vincenzo Simone (Bologna) and Felix Bucklow (Glasgow). The exhibitions program does not follow a pre-established line but is searching for genuine aesthetic encounters. We are quietly building intellectually rewarding and long-term relationships; by coincidence, most of those artists are painters.


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