Manoeuvre Kunstenplek vzw

Artist-run Space • Grace Ndiritu (KE/UK)

Wondelgemstraat 71, 9000 Gent (BE)

‘Similar’ exhibition, ESP © Grace Ndiritu

Manoeuvre is a multidisciplinary artists run art studio and co-creative platform, passionate about activating the immersive qualities of co-creative art and grass rooted craft making related to textiles. Located in the heart of Ghent’s Rabot neighbourhood, we choose to co-create with locals, migrants, young artists, divers participants (class, race, gender, age.) artists in residence, creators, thinkers. Manoeuvre considers handicraft as a universal language. Creating and making an artwork is a shared process between the artist and participants.

During the co-creation participants are being involved in the design and execution along with the artist. Taking the path of antagonism and adhocism, in an experimental way, latent conflicts give impulses to the art practices and ensure continuous renewal. During their residencies, the artists are in an ongoing dialogue with the workspace and the context of the studio. In addition to the artistic process manoeuvre activates the public through performative presentation moments or events. Engaging the makers and the public during those moments brings the artwork to life, making all the participants part of the artwork itself, not by representing but by living the artwork. At the same time these poetic performances draw the attention to the never ending vulnerability of labour and artistic production nowadays. Manoeuvre showed also at: Wiels Bxl, Design Museum Gent, Miat Gent Museum for Fine Arts Ghent, Ljubljana, EP Birmingham.


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