Editions & Multiples

Gallery • Solanne Bernard (FR)

6 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne, 75009 Paris, (FR)

Solanne Bernard, Sans-Titre.

L.E.M.O.W. is an itinerant gallery created in 2017 which travels between Paris and Brussels. It is dedicated to limited editions and multiple original works by contemporary artists.

L.E.M.O.W experiments with serial mechanisms in the creative process. The emerging art scene, as well as more established artists are invited to produce a specially commissioned series or multiple original works. Playing on the variation of one or more elements, as well as using repetition as a creative tool, each artwork reflects the artist’s desire to translate, deform and transform.

L.E.M.O.W opens its online platform for the duration of international art fairs and pop-up exhibitions. Our editions can be discovered all year round on our website or by appointment in Brussels and in Paris.


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