DMW Art Space

Project Space • Dries Segers (BE)

Koolstraat 15, 2140 Antwerp/Borgerhout, (BE)

‘To take leave’, a show by Bram De Jonghe and Dries Segers, 2018 © DMW Art Space

DMW Art Space (b. 2016) is a project space for contemporary art operating in Antwerp, Belgium. DMW takes a collaborative approach to the exhibition process, conceptualising it as a lively dialogue between curator and artists. In line with this focus, DMW is established as an artist-run project space that organises monthly duo exhibitions in which an artist selected by the curators, enters into a dialogue with another artist of his/her preference.

This process ensures a continuous evolution of the project space by bringing together an ever-expanding artistic community, while retaining centralised guidance and thoughtful direction. In particular, it offers young artists the opportunity to branch into new networks through a curated collaboration with colleagues of their own choosing.

DMW is part of Antwerp Art and is a regular participant in both Borg and Borger, the two leading events for contemporary art in Borgerhout, Antwerp. DMW also participated in Poppositions 2017.


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