Curatorial collective • Nefeli Papadimouli (GR)

130 rue Saint-Maur, 75011, Paris (FR)

© Nefelie Papadimouli

Founded in 2014, Diamètre aims at promoting projects between young art historians and emerging artists. As a platform for reflection and production, the collective wishes to imagine a space for experimentations and discussions in a spirit of sharing and mutual help.

Our projects take various forms: the diadates, artistic speed-dating sessions; focus exhibitions, solo shows that lead to a close collaboration between a member of Diamètre and an artist ; collective exhibitions, thought collectively by the members of the collective (‘Solar Bodies’, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, june 2018; ‘la pensée du tremblement’, Les Grands Voisins, Paris, September 2017; ‘Ravages’, Le Point Ephémère, Paris, in June 2015). Our approach also takes on a critical and editorial form, with the production of catalogues and articles published online.

Diamètre was also involved in ‘Museum ON/OFF’ at the Centre Pompidou and invited to radio shows such as ‘Les carnets de la création’ (France Culture, 2016) and ‘En pleines formes’ (Radio Campus, Paris) with a mensual critical review.

In 2018, Diamère was invited to present the program ‘Bring Your Own Performance’ at the DO DISTURB performance festival at Palais de Tokyo (April 6–8th, 2018).The association also renewed its participation to the Salon Jeune Création where it awards an independant prize to an artist each year, in order to accompany him in the conception of a solo exhibition.

In 2019, the association also collaborated with the Vienna-based online magazine and curatorial platform ENTKUNSTUNG.


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