Art fairs are the new disco.

2nd edition of
 POPPOSITIONS, April 18—21, 2013.
BRASS, Forest

Art fairs are the new disco.

Anthony Haden-Guest


The 2nd edition of POPPOSITIONS took place in the former brewery site of Brass that was built during the peak of Belgian industrialism in high-modernist style.

Brass embodies the grand expectations, post-war decline and bankruptcy of Wielemans Ceuppens, at one point the largest brewery in Europe. Under successive owners the building grew increasingly dilapidated eventually becoming a squat before being listed, restored and reopened as a space dedicated to local culture and information technology in early 2000s.

The faience showroom and former machine hall, the nearby wasteland and the communal garden that Brass shares with contemporary art centre Wiels, constituted the setting of the second POPPOSITIONS.



200×75 (FR): Hugo Bregeau, Guillaume Pellay, Grégory & Cyril Chapuisat • ABILENE (BE): Laura Porter, Valentin Lewandowski • Actionfields (BE): Conny Kuilboer • Bęc Zmiana (PL): Michał Gayer, Rafał Dominik • COLLECTIF P4 (BE/CH): Thomas Bernardet • DOCUMENT (BE): Ben Marzys, Brussels Pony Club, Cerebral Teen Trip, Cleveland, Coeur, Davon, Faislebeau, Handless, Jeny Cox, LuvGang, Nathan Oye, Patrick Carpentier, Sarah & Charles, Shekenz, Soumaya Aka Phéline, True Chains, Walrus, Fuori  • CAMPO (IT): Marco Andrea Magni • GREYLIGHT PROJECTS (BE/NL): Marc Buchy, Stefan Piat, Wouter Huis, Silvia Bakker • LES COMMISSAIRES ANONYMES (FR) : Joséphine Kaeppelin • NOT YET (BE): Todd von Ammon, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Emilie Pischedda, Valentin Souquet, Jonathan Sullam, Elodie Delaigle • OUTLANDISH (BE): Egon Van Herreweghe, Dominique Somers • PONYHOF GALLERY (BE): Karen Vermeren • PRESTIGE (BE): Christina Stuhlberger, David Denil, Svend Thomsen, Elisabeth Ida, Delphine Lebon, Debby Huysmans, Nicoline van Stapele, Maaike Leyn, Wim de Maat, Joris Vermassen, Mario De Brabandere, Cristian Bors & Marius Ritiu, Koen Broucke, Shuxian Lee, Thé van Bergen, Annelies de Mey, Gery De Smet, Karl Mechnig, Line Boogaerts, Kristof van Heeschvelde, Peter Weidenbaum, Saar de Buysere, Lieven Segers , Bart van Dijck, Annemie Augustijns, Hala Elias • RK PROJECTS (US): Jeff Hale, Richard Keller • ROSSI CONTEMPORARY (BE): Simon Laureyns • SILS (NL): Dico Kruijsse, Ken Lum, Gwendoline Robin  • SQUID & TABERNACLE (UK): Alex Chalmers, Annamaria Kardos, Charlie Godet Thomas, Louise Ashcroft, Fritha Jenkins, Liv Schulman, Sohrab Crews, Jenny Sjöholm, George Major, Maru Rojas  • THANKYOUFORCOMING (FR/UK): Maxime Bondu  • VOID (UK/US): Michael Sharp, Alexander Singh  • WHATSPACE (NL): Koen Delaere, Remco Torenbosch, Bas van den Hurk, Hans Demeulenaere, Arash Fakhim, Thomas Rameckers, Rachel Koolen, Peter Fengler, Sa.

In parallel with:
A mobile café Broer Bretel
The nomadic bookshop Theophile’s Papers
The vegetarian conceptual food of pop-up Villa Leopolda featuring El Turco
Publications of Shelter Press
En plein public‘s painted fair on the walls

 Prize – Jury 


Devrim Bayar • Guillaume Bijl • Frédéric De Goldschmidt • Matteo Lucchetti • Gregory Thirion • Marc Ruyters • Ria Van Landeghem • Felicia Atkinson & Bartolomé Sanson


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